User Agreement & General Terms and Conditions

Our customers are our real asset. We thank you for using our online services provided through our website www.www.dozerlink.com or any other domain operated by DozerLink (hereinafter referred to as the “online service”. You are kindly requested to carefully read the terms and conditions Governing the relationship between DozerLink and the user.

  1. Definition of DozerLink’s Online Service

Online Service is an internet-based public marketplace that enables the users to search for, sell and buy all types of machinery, vehicles, equipment and spare parts from manufacturers and retailers in diverse sectors. Our platform, www.dozerlink.com, allows private customers to place ads and sell their machinery or vehicles as well. The purpose of our online service is to link the buyers to the sellers and create a swift and enjoyable trading experience for all parties.

The purpose of DozerLink’s Online Service is to allow users to promote their vehicles, machinery and equipment online. Sale agreements regarding a certain vehicle, machinery or product published online through DozerLink’s Online Service shall be concluded directly between the buyer and the seller. DozerLink is in no way involved in the agreements concluded between the buyer and the seller. Furthermore, DozerLink acts as a medium for advertising and information, without any commitment for verifying the accuracy and validity of the information published by the sellers through DozerLink’s Online Service.  Although DozerLink seeks to verify the identity of the sellers and making sure that they are acting in a good faith, DozerLink cannot guarantee, and shall not be held liable for, the accuracy and completeness of the information provided under any ad on DozerLink’s Online Service, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to check with the seller and verify the accuracy of the information provided in the ad, including but not limited to, the identity and location of the seller.

For the purpose of facilitating machinery transactions, DozerLink may add features from third parties, including but not limited to, technical inspection, financing and transport. If the user makes use of any of such services in connection with any ad published on DozerLink’s Online Service, the agreement related to such service shall be deemed as directly concluded between the user and the third-party service provider, without involvement of DozerLink in anyway whatsoever. DozerLink accepts no claims for services provided by third parties and any such claims shall be directed to the relevant third party, without involvement of DozerLink.

  1. Registration of User Account and Use of Online Service

If you want to register as a user on DozerLink Online Service, you shall be required to enter the user information requested and to agree to the terms and conditions, which have been shown to you before registering as a user through a certain link. You do not need to agree to the terms and conditions each time you use the service, since your answers will be remembered from the first time you opened your account on www.dozerlink.com.

By Accepting the Terms and Conditions of DozerLink, you confirm that the information you have provided is accurate and correct and agree to notify DozerLink by email of any change in your provided information. DozerLink reserves the right to reject and or close your account without giving any reason. Should DozerLink decides that the information you have provided is insufficient or inaccurate or otherwise you have failed to submit any updated data, DozerLink may terminate your user rights and account. If you act against the terms and conditions, DozerLink may block and terminate your user account, and may take further legal procedures as per the Law.

Users who wish to use the Online Service would need to register a username and password, which must be kept safe from any unauthorised access. As a user of DozerLink’s Online Service, you must notify DozerLink Immediately by email if unauthorised third party has gained access to your username or password without your permission. DozerLink shall not be responsible for the acts made through your account due to your failure to report theft of your account.

  1. Data Storage, Protection, Processing, Privacy and Cookie Policy

DozerLink values users' privacy and seeks with commercially reasonable means to prevent access to and inappropriate use of the personal data provided to DozerLink through the Online Service. Data collected or submitted to DozerLink shall be stored on servers in Europe. DozerLink may use and transfer the customer data (such as name and e-mail address) to third party service providers to perform functions in connection with DozerLink services.

Upon the use of third party service providers, DozerLink uses legal and  technological means to oblige such third party service provides to use the information transferred to them exclusively for the delivery of products and services to DozerLink. DozerLink may transfer the data to suppliers of supplementary products, financing services, shipping services, transport services or other suppliers of machinery and services on DozerLink’s Online Service, as per the user’s request for any of such services. You can read more about the storage and processing of your information in our Privacy Policy. Upon registering a user account on our Online service, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions, as well as DozerLink’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


  1. Publishing an Ad via DozerLink’s Online Service

Submitting your ad to www.dozerlink.com shall be deemed as a request to have the ad published on our Online Service. It is the user’s responsibility to choose the correct category on the platform for publication of the ad and to insert the correct information and specification of the promoted product (“Product”). The user may choose any of the premium promotional features on the platform, including direct marketing options through our marketing managers across the globe.  DozerLink’s online service allows users to post an ad for a demanded “Product”, to let other sellers and users of the platform know that they are looking for a certain product or machinery.

The user of DozerLink’s Online Service shall make sure that it has full rights and permissions to promote the Product published through the Online Service, including but not limited to, the content, images, photos and text used for the ads. Such content may not constitute any infringement on the intellectual property rights or any other rights of a third party, and the user hereby holds DozerLink harmless and fully compensated against any claims arising out of any such infringement.

If for any reason the user’s ad is deemed inappropriate, DozerLink will contact the seller via email and shall have the right to remove the inappropriate content immediately without notice to the user and may further suspend the user’s account, if needed, at DozerLink’s sole discretion. The term “Inappropriate Content” includes, not shall not be limited to, the publication of irrelevant ads, posts designed to promote hate or distort the image of a competitor or any sort of black propaganda, even if the content is relevant. Publication of ads for promotion of stolen Products is strictly forbidden and DozerLink will take the necessary legal procedures upon immediately upon realising and duly verifying that a certain user has published an ad for a Product that has been reported as stolen.  

DozerLink allows users to publish their ads under multiple (relevant) categories (e.g. trailers and semi-trailers and trucks). It is however the user’s responsibility to choose the relevant category/categories and to insert the correct Product data. User shall notify DozerLink upon sale of the Product to remove the ad, and hereby waives any rights to the ad content, which may be used by DozerLink for commercial purposes, including text and photos. DozerLink may edit, copy and transfer any of the materials entered by the user through the online service and use the same for marketing and commercial purposes freely and without limitation. Materials may be used as part of google ads and social media campaigns and may be upgraded and promoted in favour of the user or the entire platform (www.dozerlink.com) for the purpose of generating more traffic and conversions for the user of the Online Service. 

 DozerLink may check the contents of paid ads from private customers to ensure that the same are free from any fraudulent or unlawful content. Therefore, DozerLink reserves the right to keep the publication of any ad on hold until such checks are completed. Ads from verified accounts may be subject to checks as well. However, DozerLink will seek to have ads from verified accounts published as soon as applicable. In case of rejected ads, no compensation shall be payable beyond the ad fee. If the ad has been suspended for reasons beyond the reasonable control of DozerLink, ad fee may not be refunded.

  1. Fees and Billing

It is free to register as a user on DozerLink’s online service, to review the ads, communicate with the sellers and other users and to post any comments. However, the publication of ads through DozerLink’s Online Service is a paid service. Fee charged per ad are determined as per the current packages, price lists, points system and custom tailored agreements concluded between DozerLink and the users. DozerLink shall have the right to change the ad pricing at any time without further notice. However, users shall be notified of any changes in pricing before they are required to pay for the publication of new ads or renewal of existing ads. VAT may be added to the invoice as per the applicable VAT regulations.

An ad submitted to DozerLink’s Online Service shall be first published upon payment of the applicable fee. Fees are paid either by using online banking, bank transfer, credit or debit card, paypal or any other method that DozerLink from time to time makes available for the users. Customers who have made a contract with DozerLink to market their vehicles and machinery regularly, may get monthly invoices as per their packages or the price agreed on in their agreements with DozerLink.

  1. Description of advertised Materials (Vehicles, Machinery, etc)

Information about any machinery or product published on DozerLink’s Online Service is provided exclusively by the seller, without involvement of DozerLink. Information about the condition of the machinery or product as well as any technical specifications is provided exclusively by the seller without involvement of DozerLink. Therefore, DozerLink accepts no claims due to any inaccurate or incorrect information provided on DozerLink’s Online Service by any of the sellers, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the condition of any machinery, vehicle or product published on DozerLink’s Online Service before completing any purchase. DozerLink specifically warns the users against transfer of any funds without having duly inspected the machinery, vehicle or product and verified the identity and ownership of the same by the User, and DozerLink may not be held liable for any of the data or information provided by users through the Online Service.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

DozerLink is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights with respect to the platform www.dozerlink.com, the domain names and any sub domains, the images, the text, the logo, the trademark “DozerLink”, the applications and any other material contained in the Online Service, and the user explicitly waives hereby any rights in respect of such intellectual property rights. With the exception of user’s own ad content, the user may not distribute, reproduce or use commercially or otherwise any of the protected data and materials, save upon prior agreement with DozerLink.

  1. Limitation of Liability

DozerLink does not warrant an error free operation of the Online Service, and its servers and computers are not immune to viruses and malicious ware. Therefore, DozerLink may not be held liable for any damage ensuing from the failures, computer viruses, errors or any harmful or malicious attacks. Should your requipment and hardware sustain any damage due to the use of the Online Service, DozerLink shall not be held responsible for any damages. Furthermore, you hereby accept to use the Online Service “as is” and DozerLink shall not be held liable for any failures or malfunction of the Online Service.

Users of Online Service on www.www.dozerlink.com are permitted to publish their own links and contact information. DozerLink shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of such links. Meanwhile, the use of such external links is subject to the terms and conditions of their owners, without the involvement of DozerLink and any damages or claims shall be exclusively directed to such users, without involvement of DozerLink.

  1. Availability of Ads and Online Service

DozerLink shall have the right to, fully or partially, reshape, redesign, remove, add or otherwise introduce any variations to the contents of the Online Service or its components, technical details or any other content. In this context, DozerLink shall have the right to suspend temporarily the Online Service in order to introduce any variations or to perform maintenance.

  1. Amendment of conditions

DozerLink hereby reserves the right to amend its terms, conditions, policies and advertising rates, from time to time. Users shall be notified of any such amendment by email or login notice and shall be deemed to have accepted any such amendments upon accepting the same or continuing to use the Online Service. It is hereby understood that if the user continues to use the Online Service upon any such amendment, the new terms and conditions shall be binding to the user, even if his account was registered prior to any such amendments.

  1. Feedback

We appreciate feedback from our users and visitors of our platform. If you believe that any of the material published through our Online Service is incorrect or faulty, please notify us through the “Feedback” link provided on the Front Page of our platform. Please provide details in your message regarding any such error or defect.

  1. Nullity

Should any term hereof becomes invalid, ineffective, void or unenforceable to any extent, the remaining terms shall continue to be effective and enforceable in full.

  1. Force majeure

Both DozerLink and the User shall not be held liable for any contractual breach beyond its reasonable control, any event of Force Majeure, e.g. strie, lockout, disorder, theft, fire, sabotage, fire, vandalism, or any other unforeseeable event. Force Majeure in this context shall mean any event a party cannot predict at the time of entering into the agreement and any consequences beyond the control of DozerLink or the User.  

  1. Validity of terms

These terms and conditions shall be fully effective and binding as soon as you accept them by using the Online Service or registering a user account on the Online Service. These terms and conditions shall be valid for an indefinite term. DozerLink shall have the right to deny the user the right to use the Online Service or any part thereof, at any time, if DozerLink believes that the User has committed an act in violation of these terms and conditions or misused the Online Service.

  1. Termination

    Without prejudice to the foregoing terms and conditions, either party may, by prior notice, terminate the agreement with immediate effect in the following events:

    1. Any essential breach of the terms and conditions and failure to remedy such breach within 30 days following a written request.
    2. Failure to pay the applicable service fee, subscription or any other dues agreed on, including events of bankruptcy, seizure and any other similar circumstances that can be reasonably considered as bankruptcy or insolvency.
  2. Subcontractors

DozerLink reserves the right to use subcontractors and agents for the provision of the service, and to further share with such subcontractors and agents any content or materials and the user may not object to such sharing and hereby waives ownership and copyrights of any content or material provided by the user through the Online Service.

  1. Jurisdiction & Applicable Law

These terms and conditions as well as any other agreement entered into by and between DozerLink and the User shall be subject to the Danish Law. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions, the Online Service or any other Agreement between DozerLink and the User shall be settled exclusively by the Danish Courts of Law, unless otherwise is specifically provided elsewhere.

  1. Contact information

Email: info[@]www.dozerlink.com

Ånumvej 28, 3 Sal

6900 Skjern, Denmark