Tips for Buyers:


Verify the seller!


You must verify the identity of the seller. Low priced machinery should give rise to doubts. Never buy without having inspected the machine either yourself or through a trusted third party (you can use our Secured Import service for this purpose). Do not buy from individuals remotely, without verifying their identity and making sure that the machine will be delivered.  Be careful, many fraudsters would present themselves as other real companies. Therefore, you have to verify the identity of the caller through different channels. Make sure that the person you are in contact with are actually from the company they claim to represent.

It is necessary to check the identity of the seller on this website before buying inexpensive equipment, which may indicate a potential risk, in the same way when considering the purchase of generic Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is extremely important to ensure the authenticity of the product and the trust of the supplier.

Our emails always end with @dozerlink.com, and we would never send emails from other domain names. Do not trust anyone who contacts you on our behalf, using a different domain name. By domain name, we mean it also has to end with (.com). Our agents in your country will also possess emails on the same domain name. If someone is claiming that they are our agent, please contact us to verify.

Don’t pay before checking fair market value and machine condition! 

Haste makes waste! Always check other machinery with similar specifications to determine whether the price is fair. Unreasonably low prices can be a sign of fraud or probably defects in the machine. Always inspect the machine before buying.

Do not pay down payments before having duly verified the seller, inspected the machine and agreed on the terms with the seller.